Wednesday, October 22

Happy Deepavali & A Mini Food Review

Inet is sucky today. =(

Happy Deepavali everybody! I had the chance to feast on some extraordinary mutton curry yesterday for lunch, courtesy of a very good friend. And I wish I have the chance to wear my saree out someday soon. Coincidentally, the saree was made for the very same friend's wedding! And the saree cloth was actually purchased by another good friend of mine all the way from India. I like how one thing links to another. =)

If you've been to Mid Valley in the past week or so, you'd have seen this. If you have not, go and see it for yourself now! It's super gorgeous. I love colors, so this is something that I really really like.

Image credit: The Star
Read about Ruden Prakash (the artist) here.

I woke up thinking maybe I should compile a quick list of some of my favourite go-to food. Considering it's Deepavali today, and one of the few many things that Malaysians truly celebrate as a whole is our glorious food.

As most of my friends would know, I am not particularly adventurous when it comes to discovering new eateries, mainly because I am a creature of habit, and also because I am extremely lazy when it comes to having to drive long distances just to fill my tummy. How unnecessary.

In any case, here are some of my favourite picks, or at least the 10 that I can think of today. Keep in mind that I tend to stick to some basic rules with my choices:

1. I emphasize that distance and location plays a big part in my choices. And parking availability too.
2. I also pay attention to price (quite a fair bit) because well, I am a penny pincher that way, plus, good food doesn't always have to expensive food, or expensive food may not always be good food.
3. I totally dislike large crowds at meal times, ie, the likes of Antipodean, Burgerlab etc. (Note: their food may be good, but I personally can't justify the waiting time just to eat a meal).

So here goes!

1. Sin Lay Peng in Lucky Gardens would be my go-to 大炒 place. It's the corner lot. I've heard some friends saying the food is not great and service is bad but in all my experiences, I've only been let down once. What I typically order from them would be marmite sotong, fried egg with preserved veg, stir fry vege of any sort, spinach century egg soup, and lastly, marmite pork ribs!

2. McDonalds is my go-to comfort food of all times. Especially during their lunch and dinner set promo. Too bad that they stopped allowing free refills. I love their sundae cone, it's one of the best icecreams around (and cheap too)!

3. Marmalade in BV 1 for salads. And their pumpkin soup. And their orange duck something wrap.

4. Starbucks will remain my favourite coffee joint, because I am loyal that way. Tsk. More so I like that my RM11 will get me a decent sized coffee as compared to some hippier joints where RM11 (or more) will reward you with two sips of coffee. Then again, I am not a fussy coffee drinker so I don't take into consideration the whole origin of the beans, the roast temperature, the aroma etc.

5. My favourite roast pork place is in Pudu - Wong Mee Kee. This is the furthest I will willingly drive for food.

6. My default breakfast place is the corner lot coffee shop in Lucky Garden underneath the slightly dodgy looking massage parlour with the yellow signboard. I love their steam bread which comes with kaya and butter, or their fish head noodle soup, or wantan mee, pretty much everything is yummy.

7. Mamak food is another of my favourites. I'd go to Devi's for puri and banana leaf rice. Pelita for their sup kambing and roti canai, and Syed's in Lucky Garden for their tandoori and satay. And as with all mamak's, my favourite drink would be either a teh tarik, or a kopi tarik. Or if the weather is really hot, then the iced versions.

8. For Korean food, the typical two places I'd go to would be Uncle Lim in Hartamas, or if I'm alone and not craving for BBQ in general, Ko Hyang in the Gardens is a good place too.

9. Japanese food wise, I really enjoy Senjyu's. But they're quite pricey. I would typically skip Sushi Zanmai in Gardens because the queue is maddening though the food is decent. Sushi Tei is another good place.

10. My most recent and most favourite meal place is Beyond Veggie. I've got some real mushroom crush. I previously went to the one in Tropicana because that was the nearest to me, but now they've opened a new branch in Mid Valley! And they've got brown rice option, healthy eating so win-win. The prices are not particularly cheap though.

Of course, these are my personal opinions and I don't speak for the general public. 

P/s: I know in the earlier part of my post, I claimed that I like cheap food, and then it turns out that 50% of the things on my list are not exactly cheap. But bare in mind that out of the 10 places I've listed above, my most frequently visited places are 1, 6 & 7.

Tuesday, October 21

Tuesday Tune

Maybe if I spent my time more wisely, I'd have less to complain about. And perhaps if I stopped relying on others, I'd be better off too. Because then I can't fault them for all that's not right in my life.

Out Of The Woods - Taylor Swift

I like the chorus! I'd say it's enchanting. Though I'm thinking that's not the best word to describe it.

I'm off to Taiwan next week, so I spent some time planning my trip last night, and as I also have a trip to Korea due in December, I'm supposed to work on the planning too, but I noticed that there are way more detailed reviews of travels in Taiwan than Korea which makes planning for Taiwan much much easier!

Apparently my hair is more blonde than it used to be. I wonder if it time to re-color it a shade darker again, but then I should save that sum for other stuff like my expenses overseas.. Hm.

I'm now reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, essentially my last book of this series. I've finished David and Goliath, Blink and Outliers. And I am looking for new owners who may want to take them over.

Funny that I'm still coughing slightly. This bug has been around for long. Too long.

And I've just realized that throughout this entire year, or by the end of this year, I would've experienced the four seasons in different countries! Japan in spring, Bali + Philippines + Thailand + Singapore in summer (ha, this probably doesn't really count but let's just roll with it), autumn in Taiwan, and winter in Korea! How cool is that? :)

Alright, gotta scoot to lunch now with the ex-colleagues! xx

Friday, October 17

Time Waits For No Men

I wish for you to know that. "Was going to" and "Should have" are not things I particularly wished to hear. But if I had the power to control what should be said and should not be said in this universe, then life wouldn't quite be what it should, would it?

I do however have the power to control how I choose to react to things I hear. That, will make a difference.

I am a bit angsty today, perhaps for simple reasons such as not being able to follow through with my plans. Perhaps I am a little disappointed with myself after all. That last one can go without the perhaps.

Still undecided on a tonne of things. Frustration and sadness goes hand in hand with this one. And I guess I only have myself to take it out on, because no one deserves to take the blame for things I ultimately decided on. And same goes for all future decisions.

Maybe I am having a difficult time trusting my own judgements at this point. Maybe that's why. Either way, I trust a capable girl like myself will find answers eventually. It may take awhile, but you'll get there girl, baby steps. Baby steps.

Thank You - Roy Kim

Thank You, for everything regardless. Lovely song hey? Absolutely love it.

At least I had cake today. And too much food, too much good food. I'm feeling stuffed. xx

Thursday, October 16


Raindrop - IU

I'm not really a rain person. But I'm thankful for it, least it clears out the haze somewhat each time. And I randomly stumbled upon the song (if you don't already know I am very much a Kpop person), thought it was really really nice!

So, I've been feeling a little under the weather, and the past couple of days has seen much of my planning for the coming days go down the drain. By factors that are quite beyond my control. I was pretty bummed about all the plans that have gone down the drain, but I guess many things in life are blessings in disguise.

Like how rain is not my favourite thing, and yet it cools the weather down and eliminates the haze. Well, you get what I mean, sorta kinda.

Friday tomorrow, TGIF! xx

Tuesday, October 14

Just Look Beyond The Clouds

The Sun Is Rising - Britt Nicole

This is beautiful.

I really like it when close friends call me Ai. And I think I know why. It's a term of endearment, my daddy is typically the only one who calls me that. I've come to realize that when people call me just by that, it feels like we're family.

And that's why I like it, very, very much. =)

Monday, October 13

Monday Tune

Yes, You - Standing Egg

Yay, I think I am feeling better. Finally. =)

Saturday, October 11

Little Miss Sexy Voice

So Goodbye - JongHyun

This sore throat has evolved into a full blown flu now. I can take it two ways. One, I'm on the road to recovery - though it feels like I am far from it. Two, I am getting worse.

I think I'm just gonna remain positive about it.

I've got a tonne of things I want and need to do. But I can't focus. =(

Friday, October 10

Not That It's Remotely Important, But

The Courage To Love - Wanting

There are a few things I regret.

1. Not getting that black fleece jacket (which was on sale).

2. Not getting that black "relaxed" pants that made me think of super-comfy-airport-fit-which-will-keep-me-warm (which also was on sale btw).

Darn it.