Thursday, July 31

Definitely Karmin

Listening to Karmin on Grooveshark.. Her songs would totally make a good workout playlist.

Pulse - Karmin

I wanna make your heart beat
I love it when it beats for me, yeah

I wanna raise pulses
La chica with the most-est
Not in the mood for the average Josephs
Coming unglued, baby this is explosive
I wanna raise pulses

I'm coming for your rhythm, I'm here to wake you up
I wanna be your hero, I wanna shake the fluff (Credit)

I wished they had shortened the intro to 10 secs instead of a full minute before the music comes on. Which is why I am listening to it on Grooveshark.

I have icecream in the fridge - Green Tea and Cupid's Truffle! Yumss, it is the end of July after all. I also bought croissants from Tous Les Jours. The almond one for dinner earlier and the plain one for brekkie tomorrow. With my leftover tuna and light mayo from Heinz. :D

And I get to wear my new jeans tomorrow. Gonna pair it with my new pumps. Only if my toes stop hurting anyways.

Don't want to compare anymore. Why am I not as fit as they are. Why am I not as hard working. Why am I not as strong. Why am I not as good. Why am I so indecisive. Not that I do it consciously though. I just realized that I was feeling a little down after workout today and was wondering why. Then it occurred to me that I've been comparing myself to everyone lately. Not just at the gym.

My arms are jelly even though workout wasn't intense today. Times like this I wish I had short hair. Gotta breakdown my hair drying process into 30 secs, rest, 30 secs, rest.. and it goes on for about 5 mins.

Another fun (but totally inconsequential) fact: I go to sleep with my hair parted to the right, but when I wake up in the morning, my parting automatically shifts to the left.

Looking forward to the weekend, daddy's gonna be back, hopefully with goodies! x

Wednesday, July 30

She Needs A Wild Heart

Wild Heart - The Vamps

I need another day of hols. So tired. Hahaha.

I have a question. Which is probably wrong for me to ask on many levels. But I am just really curious to know, so don't judge.

What would make me more desirable?

On a completely irrelevant note, to turn into bubbles and disappear? I'd never do that. Never.

Need some good coffee. Cake sounds like a good idea too. Or a croissant. Yup, that would totally do. And a good book. Bliss.

Okay, goodnight world! xx

Tuesday, July 29

On Top Of The World

Am I Wrong - Tiffany Alvord (cover)

Original version here.

I reaaaaally hate it when doggie pees under mom's stuff. Because one, I have to clean it up. And two, punishing doggie breaks my heart, not that I don't punish him, I still do. So my heart has gotta suffer.

Guess who is now qualified to belay people at Camp5! Yours truly, is. I wished I could've climbed more today though, but the crowd was massive. Ohwell, always a next time!

Things that annoy me - people who don't put on their signal light when turning into a junction. People who don't guard their own kids so much so, someone else has to say / do something about it. People who drive in the middle of two lanes and when you stick to your lane, they decide to honk (and stare at) you because "You're too close to me", yes Mr BMW, that's you I am talking about.

On top of many other things. Ha.

I think I am in general quite easy going, that's part of my charm. I hope I don't ever become otherwise.

That's just how I feel. x

Monday, July 28

To You

Ten Feet Tall - Wrabel

There has been a couple of songs that's been a constant mood lifter in my recent days. Posted above is one of them, well, the actual version I listen to is by Afrojack, but I thought the one I embedded above was a nice change for this evening. =)

If you'd like to read about the song itself, click here.

Stay tuned! xx

An Update

Ola! I seem to have been out of it for a bit, I meant with updating the blog. In any case, I figured it's time to provide a slightly-delayed mid year update on my 2014 resolutions.

Let's go!

1. Shopping ban. I am putting a ban on buying new clothing for the entire 2014 - no new shoes, new tops, new jeans, no new earrings / rings / necklaces etc, unless the situation deem it completely necessary. Gifts for others are a different story.

I've been a tad naughty with this one. The record so far is - 1 pair of wedges, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of pumps. 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress, 1 (if I may add, cheap) top (bought in Samui), 1 Airism camisole, 2 exercise shorts, 2 sports bras, 2 pairs of bikinis, 1 aztec top (that was from the same online store with the bikinis). And this is excluding my purchases while in Japan, but that don't really count - 2 work tops from Uniqlo, 1 Snoopy sweater, and a scarf. In my defence, most of what I got in Japan was really to keep my freezing ass warm.

2. To travel to 2 new places that I've not been to before. Calling all travel buddies!

Checked! Philippines in March for sailing, Japan in April for holiday, Koh Samui in May for sailing.. Maybe more end of the year hey!

3. To be vegetarian and/or pescetarian the first week (7 days) of each month. This is mainly to lead a healthier lifestyle. This means I'll be meat-free for my birthday this year too, party planners please take note!

I cheat on this sometimes. Like, maybe twice. Or three times. Let's just make that 5 times. But all in all, if you think about it, I would have pescetarian for 49 days in total now..

4. Read more. And Dramabeans don't count.

I've finished (unfortunately) only 3 books thus far - David and Goliath, The Social Animal and my latest being Three Cups of Tea.

5. Be more watchful of my expenses. To jot down as best as I can all my expenditure daily.


6. Work towards a promotion at work, or in other words, be open to any career advancement opportunities, and be proactive while at it.


7. To spend at least half an hour each day to do quiet time. If due to unforeseen circumstance I happen to skip a day, it shall be replaced within the same week.


8. To get a full medical check up.

Done. Healthy as a horse!

9. To learn a new language, or a new skill. And in general to be open to new adventures and ideas.

Hm, I like to think I've been rather open to new stuff this year. =)

10. To be kind, patient, forgiving and thankful. Always!

Sorta kinda? =)

Thursday, July 24

This Is What I Call Powerful

Try - Colbie Caillat

Why are all my hobbies / things I want to do so expensive? My cheapest hobby would be to read (or watch) dramas at home. =( And to top it off, I think my new Skechers aren't very crossfit friendly. What do I do. =(

Do you think I'd make it as a lifestyle / celebrity blogger? I could do with exclusive invites for hair treatments, fashion shows, new eats, travels, merchandise review etc and then blog about them. I reckon I write okay.

3 facts you may not know about me.

I always have had an immense urge to become strong(er).
I derive joy from cleaning - not that I'm OCD, but I like clean & tidy in general.
I don't like my own handwriting.

Don't you like you? Cause I like you. =)

Everything Has Beauty

All Of The Stars - Ed Shereen

We have it in all of us. There's goodness in all of us. Some more than others, but it's there, if we looked. We need to learn to not sweat the small stuff, and see the big picture more often.

The fault in our stars made me tear much. I loved it. Every bit of it.

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars. x

Tuesday, July 22

Catch Up Sounds Like Ketchup

若你碰到他 - 蔡健雅

Let's go back in time a little..

Smudged makeup at my friend's wedding dinner Sat night. That's not pretty! Primer why you fail me. And why did no one tell me I looked like a panda all throughout dinner. >(

Being stuck in traffic is not cool. Being stuck in traffic with a full bladder is just a whole different level of uncool. I am gonna avoid the Damansara area past 10pm from now onwards. Madness.

Sunday was much much nicer. Don't recall what I did but if it's not stored in my memory, it mustn't have been bad. Or for that matter, not exceptional either.

Monday was sweeeeet, because I had the day off. Had time to just takes things in stride, for my case, short balanced strides, because I don't have the longest legs. Ha. Spent some time reading, packing, ticking of to-do's. Most certainly a pleasant day.

And well, we're back on track - Tuesday today. Squeeeeal! Both drama's I've been watching have ended their most recent episodes with kisses. Not gonna tell you which are they, lest you try streaming the same videos and cause my site to crash and then I won't get to watch no more. I'm naive thinking that way.

Alright now, I am gonna excuse myself and paint them nails jade. See yah! xx

Sunday, July 20

Mhmmm Totally

Read - 18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted.

Solo Day - B1A4

Maybe not everything on the list. But at least 60% I can identify with.

Goodnight morning peeps, great week ahead! xx

Friday, July 18

Perhaps Eating Is My Coping Mechanism

Appam. Coffee. Dory + pasta salad + coleslaw. Cadbury. Kopi. Mini Heong Peah. Curry puff. Home-cooked wrap. Fat free berry yogurt drink. I am pretty convinced I have exceeded my calorie intake for the day. I do make decent tuna + fried egg wraps though.

It's a sad day today.