Wednesday, April 16

Something About Little Children

左左右右 dancing to Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar

So adorable! Cuteness overload. There's something about toddlers dancing to this music versus adults dressing in the same manner and dancing to the tune. One is way more adorable than the other if you asked me.

Kids right, can be so cute at times. It makes me wonder how these little things who were born so naive and cheerful, how do they grow up and lose all those pure and innocent qualities? Is it parenting gone wrong? Survival of the fittest? Or is it just called growing up?

Inet is a bit sucky today, but photos of Japan is up on Fb for those of you who are friends of mine. =)

Had an awesome dinner with the parents in town. Too full to do anything else but sit around for awhile. Confirm put on weight. At least in Japan, I eat what I walk - or in more correct terminology, I burn whatever calories I consume by walking the distance. Should really look for a gym.

And my pink (imitation) Spigen casing has just cracked open. It lasted much longer than I had expected it to since the last time I dropped my phone, the casing had already broke at the side. Time to shop for a new one. Tsk tsk.

Don't fall sick Ng Ai Li, do not. All you peeps out there, take care too! xx

Tuesday, April 15

I'm Back From Tokyo

Missed me? I bet.

Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

The tune is so light and breezy. Who would've thought it's about "a woman named Sunny who burns down her house to escape her past". (Wikipedia)

Just as I get back, I developed a mild case of skin infection, or an allergy of some sort. Can't tell if it's because of the air quality, or the stress from traveling (the irregular sleep patterns more like it), or the temperature, or it's just my body telling me to remain on holiday mode. Haha.

I reckon it's a bit of everything.

In summary, I had a great time in Japan, would love to go back and visit some other cities next time. Photos should be up soon - I realized 2/5 of the photos in my camera were of the cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen on my very first day!

Signing off for now; it's good to be back no less! xx

Friday, April 11

Dear Chai Boy


Monday, April 7

We Could, Technically

Feeling sluggish. And queasy. So this is what a slug feels like eh? Ugh. Poor slugs of the earth, I mean no disrespect, but feeling like you just isn't a compliment.

I see nekkid butt(s) again. I always have this internal debate as to whether or not sharing videos like this is bad. But it's not like I'm watching it for the visuals, and it's not as if not posting it means I'm not listening to it either. (-__-)

Red Lights - Tiësto

Nobody else needs to know, where we might go. We could just run them red lights. Cool tune.

We totally could. xx

Sunday, April 6

And Because I Have Pink Hair

While it lasts.
For what it's worth. =)

Shine Your Light

Mighty To Save

I really really enjoyed today's worship session. And the above is amongst my favourite songs. I also really love Who Am I.

I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. And you told me who I am. I am yours.

Though flowers are not the most sensible of gifts, I really really would like to receive sunflowers.

High heels are a pain. And I would rarely voluntarily wear them for long periods of time. But, every now and then, when I put them on in front of the mirror, I marvel at how a pair of heels (can) transform a girl into a lady.

Green Tea Latte + Green Tea Ice Cream. Mmmmm.

My tummy is full of green tea goodness! xx

Saturday, April 5

Can't Get Enough Of This

Come Back - Yuna

Loooooooooooooove! =))

Questions You Ask Yourself Early Morning

就 用话语来说话 终觉得 比较能够准确的 表达各人心情。

Okay, I've used up sufficient brain power to come up with that so it's back to my mother tongue.

Say Something - A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

When you've got so much to hide, it's only natural that at some point, you no longer let people in. Because there's just too much that you have to be accountable for.

Is it really that important that you need to have people on your side? Why can't we stand alone, and fight our own cause. Even if that cause is life, that long journey where ultimately, it's all just you.

Why do people make other people miserable. Or is it simply that we allow others to make us that way?

I'm not upset, I'm just curious. Or maybe I am, just a tad. 

Friday, April 4

Hello First Friday of April

I am convinced it's my stomach and not my heart. I'm gonna feed myself some icecream later to make it feel better.

I'm supposed to be pescetarian this week, but there were moments when I completely forgot about it and nom-ed meat anyway, like that morning when I was working out of the office, and the lunch that one of my lecturers bought us.

Making rules and breaking them anyway.

Which brings me to the next set of rules I'm gonna be breaking. In light of my travels to Japan in the next couple of days, I'm allowing myself to buy stuff (including the forbidden clothing and accessories). I mean, c'mon, it's not everyday that I'll go to Japan!

Someone whom you can talk to. But I can talk to anyone! Even that stranger on the phone and that person who was being mildly irritating. Guess the accurate way of saying it would be, someone whom you like talking to.

That makes better sense. xx

Thursday, April 3

It's Raining Outside

And it cannot get any more random than this.

1. I believe icecream was created to make life worth it. And that girlfriends are angels in disguise.

2. I (secretly) wanted to cry today. I guess I did after all.

3. Writing this while wrapped up in my blankets. And thinking, I am so blessed.

4. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother. But I do know the answer, it's because I care.

5. My hair colour is fading too quickly. It's not even that obvious no more.

6. I created a pretty awesome playlist on Grooveshark today!

7. When efficiency really isn't the best thing.

8. Late twice in a row. I hate waiting, but I hate being late more. I hate having to be in the position to say, "I'm sorry", particularly when I could've avoided the situation.

9. My heart has been hurting lately. I wonder if it's psychological or physiological. I reckon it's a bit of both. Heart, what is wrong? I should probably make good on that medical check up that I've been planning to go for. But can anyone please go with me pretty please! I need a hand to hold and the nurses will just laugh at me if I asked to hold theirs. And not mommy either because she'll just end up scolding me.

Maybe it's not even my heart. Maybe it's my stomach. Lol

10. Can't believe I'm turning 26. Soon.

11. Are you Eurasian? No. Why do you speak Malay so fluently? Well. But your name is totally Chinese! Hilarious conversations.

12. Japan in 5 days!

13. A pending to do list.

14. Samui too... Wheee.

15. Guilt feelings totally eats you up. It's so crappy.

16. Need to catch up on sleep. Them eye bags are huge.

Total cuddle weather. If only. xx