The Fashionista In Me

Hello hello! I know, I've not been very dedicated as of late, but if you're reading this, thank you for not giving up on us (me and this place of expression of mine)!

So, the main reason I am back and posting today is to share about this one fashion item I have come to own, which is likely the most expensive item I've ever owned by far.

Ahem. It was a gift from my most favourite Uncle in the world - and it's for my birthday in June, but y'know, delayed gratification is not really my thing.

So, moving on, let me share with you my first attempt at being a high end fashionista wannabe with my #ootd from yesterday!

Top from Cecil McBee (Japan) Shorts from Bangkok Strappy sandals from DMK (Singapore) Specs from Owndays DW watch Bear keychain from Harrods Tammy&Benjamin Charlotte bag from LaCigaleshop
If you're a fan of one-of-a-kind bags, head over to and be prepared to spend some! LOL 
The following is from the About me section …

Sweet Harmony

Stay With Me - 도깨비 OST Part 1] 찬열, 펀치 (CHANYEOL, PUNCH) [도깨비 OST Part 1] 
When life throws you tricky questions, how do you respond?
I didn't quite follow the Goblin, but the OST is on my Spotify.

Fossil Madness

No, I am not saying that I want to go out and get a new Fossil, I already own one - a gift to be specific.

I hate(d) having to adjust the dial because I could never, ever, ever get it right. And that happened this morning too. Until the tip of my fingers were sore did I finally decide to just google it. Why I didn't think of doing so earlier escapes me.

But anyway, this guide by Mademan saved the day, so if you own a Fossil and have the same problem as I do, don't fret, here's the dummy guide. Works!

Friends Who Bite

Or more commonly, friends who stab. Nonetheless, I personally think friends who bite are a milder version of friends who stab.

It's like the milder version of friends who talk about you behind your back (a.k.a back-stabbers), except that friends who bite are those who deliberately talk in front of you hoping to get a reaction out of it. That's the difference,

I really don't know why friends would do that, but I guess friends like that do exist.

This makes me feel ultra grateful for all my friends who just love unconditionally and are honest with you, not with the intention to hurt, but with the intention for you to improve.

So today's #thankyou post goes to all the good type of friends. /heart

Feeling tired but going to bed feeling light because I know He is in control of it all and that my battles are not mine to fight alone.

Beautiful - 크러쉬 (Crush)  [도깨비 OST Part 4] Because my Korean language teacher made us listen to it.
Good night world!


Just immensely grateful for having a roof over my head, food to eat when I am hungry and clean water to drink. #thankYou

Way past bedtime though, sleep tight!

#thankYou 3.0

This morning, I had a real life crisis. I had left home early, thinking to catch the bus to work instead of taking the train so that I could catch an additional hour worth of shut eye while seated in the bus.

As soon as I got to the bus stand near my place, my stomach started churning and I instantly knew it was not a good sign. I contemplated going back upstairs to my house to use the toilet, but, on second thoughts, I figured my housemate would be in the loo when I get back upstairs, so I decided to risk it and take the bus to the interchange and then use the loo there instead.

So the bus came, I boarded and I don't ever recall every single traffic light being red, ever.

I was THIS close to pooping in my pants. For real. When I finally got to the interchange, toilet it was.

So today on grateful list..

I thank God for answering my non-stop prayers to get the bus to the interchange before shit happens (pun intended).

I thank God for the Uncle who very sweetly pointed out to me tha…

#thankYou 2.0

Thankful for a gym buddy, for discounted Kettle Chips, for learning new things.

Tired, farting ridiculously smelly farts, sunburnt, and still need to study some or I'm going to Korean class tomorrow clueless.



First day of work, in 2017, was trying.

With multiple factors beyond my control.

Was I upset? I was. Did I get angry? I did. Did I deserve to be angry? I do think so. Did I feel wronged and taken advantaged of? Yup, all applies.

Nonetheless, am glad  my day is coming to an end, and now that I've had some time to reflect on how my day panned out, I'll just be grateful for the good bits of Day 1 of my 2017 work year.

I am grateful for the following:

1 - The people who showed up and pulled their weight (more than they needed to), I thank God for each of them dearly.

2 - That I had my windbreaker stored at my workplace and didn't have to freeze in the downpour.

3 - That I can afford a Starbucks drink to cheer myself up, and be a lucky recipient of a free tall drink (provided I complete their customer survey, which I have gladly done).

God works in the most amazing ways, if only you let Him. #thankYou

2017 Resolution

Let my default response to difficult, challenging times be to let God take control.

I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
Jeremiah 32:27 (NIV)
And in happy and joyous occasions, to remain humble, grateful and to thank God for it all.
Happy New Year!


"You haven't won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors." 

- Legendary sailor Paul Elvstrom