Thursday, August 27

Negative Divided by Positives Equals Gratefulness

On more than one count, today is considered a horrible day. Mostly due to work. But I've complained enough about it. So I'm gonna salvage the remaining 10 mins of today thanking God and reminding myself why I should be grateful through it all.

1. I was called an Ace today! Something I've not been called by before, and it's a label I shall take pride in.

2. I had Fat Spoon's Fat Salmon burger. Happy tummy happy me. I know, I'm supposed to be fasting on meat. I am terrible.

3. I also had yummy soft serve icecream after dinner, and had a pleasant catch up with a good friend.

4. I have friends (plural!) who I can talk to honestly with, and who will be there to tell it as it is, and still support me through difficult times.

5. That tomorrow is Friday!

6. Despite it being a "bad day", I've had a good hair day.

7. Being genuine and grateful goes a long way.

8. My petrol tank had sufficient to last me through the horrendous jam.

9. My phone battery lasted me the entire day despite not being charged fully.

10. That I get to live another day.

Goodnight folks, and thank You! And Amen.

Wednesday, August 26

[Photolog] A Weekend @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Good evening!

Here's a quick one, or as quick a one as possible.

The past weekend, I had the luxury of staying at Le Meridien, Sentral because mommy had, through her hidden talent of winning contents, won us a weekend stay, as a Starwood Preferred Guest, for free!

That's me. Enjoying their nomnom spread at their Club Lounge. Don't get me started on the variety of healthy they had.. The wannabe travel blogger in me only succeeded in taking the photo of yogurt though. Ha. Everything else went into my stomach before I managed to snap a shot.

I think the specific room we were staying at was the Le Meridien Club Room, as their website describes the privileges I got to enjoy over the weekend is identical:
Le Meridien Club rooms offers panoramic views of the city and Lake Gardens in a 36.1 square metres setting with a 40'' LCD television and fitted DVD player. Enjoy the wide variety of our buffet breakfast spread at Latest Recipe on Level 5 and evening cocktails at alternate venues of the hotel, guest will be able to enjoy different unique experiences in our hotel.

I am terribly sorry but the only thing I remembered to take photo of was the glorious bathtub and the view while you soak in it, simply gorgeous!

Mom took this photo. And I'm actually somewhere in this photo, if you can spot me. Haha! I finally managed to finish the book that I had been eager to finish since 2 months back. Mission accomplished.

I absolutely enjoyed being spoilt for the weekend despite it being a short one. I'll be back! :)

Thursday, August 20

Work Out Goals

And Elite Daily being my reading entertainment tonight.

This is such a gorgeous photo; also from the Elite Daily
article I am sharing below! 

It started with this How To Finally Become One Of Those People Who Work Out In The Morning. Because I'm a lazy ass and I almost never workout if I don't have a session with my trainer / incredibly persistent and encouraging friends who make me go for my once-in-a-blue-moon crossfit sessions.

And quite frankly, not training for 3 - 4 days in a row makes going back to the gym such a pain to the body. Which is perhaps why my trainer has warned me multiple times to workout on my own when I don't have a session at the gym..


So anyway, of my August rules to live by - here, I've not been particularly successful with the sleeping early clause. Which, if I had kept to more often, maybe waking up in the morning for a quick routine wouldn't be so appalling.

So. Starting next week, I'm going to aspire to sleep early (for real) and on days that I don't have a training session, I'll spend at least 30mins for a quick workout in the morning's - be it a run or skipping ropes. For reals!

I wonder if I have enough workout clothes to lasts me... Okay nevermind.

And to add on to my rules made for myself, I've also decided to go on a meat fast for the remaining days of the NECF prayer because fasting on my drama reading habit proved to be too much for me I felt it's doable and maybe it'll help with my workout goals, not so much with the lack of protein but more in the sense that I'll (try to) be (more) careful with what I eat.

And just as I was worrying if I'll still get sufficient protein to supplement my training, Elite Daily came to my rescue with 8 Meat-Free Meals To Power You Through A Day At The Office Or Gym. Haha, too much awesomes!

I now need to concoct my weekend groceries list.

And while writing this, I am having the most hilariously disturbing conversation with my lil brother with him telling me that he dreamt of me having my hand cut off while holidaying in the States with the family. And now he's trying to convince me that he'll dream of me finding a nice American guy who will take care of me in bid to convince me to go there year-end after the fact that he also tells me my hand was sewed back together and I hadn't lost any functions of my limb. T__T

I was supposed to do some writing (work related) and reading (bible study) before bed, but that's not happening no more.

Goodnight folks!

P/s: Thank you for reading my posts ever since I "picked up the pen" again!

Sunday, August 16

心 去了哪啊?

Petals - Apink

今天不知道 为什么心不在焉的。。

Monday, August 10

I might only have one match; but I can make an explosion

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song
My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong
I'll play my fight song
And I don't really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Pretty gameface - Check!

Saturday, August 8

My Favourite Triplets

Running an Errand is Hard - Superman Is Back

Daehan, Minguk, Manse.

The cute!

Wednesday, August 5

Let's Not

Big Bang

Fall In Love

Monday, August 3

Rules To Live By In August

July zoomed by, and we're in the eight month of the year already! Four more to go and we'll all hear the ever so cliche and common, "Where did the year go?"

So, if you've not made the last eight months count, now is probably time to start. Personally though, I myself am not too sure what or how differently will I be doing things to make 2015 any more significant than where it currently stands. 

But I'll give it my best shot. By giving myself some rules to live by for August. Hahaha! 

1. Always wear professional looking attire to work even when it is not required. Exception to the rule would be Casual Fridays.

2. Limit internet browsing at home to 1.5 hours maximum a day, including weekends. 

3. Spend more time outdoors.

4. Pack food from home as often as possible.

5. Save meal money and avoid hipster joints for meals/coffee.

6. Read more, about time I finish reading the book my boss assigned me to.

7. Be at work by 9am, which means not leaving home at 8.55am.

8. Don't make plans I don't plan to keep.

9. Sleep early.

10. Daily bible!

So once again hello August, be nice - I'm asking nicely.