Friday, April 24

Hot Chocolate Craving

I'm better off just going to sleep.


Wednesday, April 22

Awake When It Is Bed Time

Awake - Tycho

I started listening to Tycho when I was introduced to him by a friend whom I had a crush on. Ha! But you know what they say, if you're still listening to the songs when the crush is over, it has to be good songs.

I tend to just use Spotify for my music now, which I have to admit, is the best investment I've made this month!

1. I hadn't realize that changing watch strap can be so expensive. Either that or the watch shop in the concourse area in MV charges more than elsewhere.

2. I need a haircut as I've been waking up to bad hair days. 4 days in a row. If I can't make an appointment with Jo @ Jantzen who was the one behind my awesome from-long-to-short-do, I'm considering if I should just walk over to one of the many salons during my lunch hour..

3. I really want to get a new pair of training shoes. But I am also afraid that I'll get another pair which "isn't the right fit". My Asics are running shoes which doesn't give me the flexibility for weight / strength training. My Skechers were a tad too big to begin with, but now they just slide off my foot when I attempt burpees. And my Timberlands have been collecting dust because I've not used them since I successfully scaled Mount KK. Meh.

4. I also never knew slippers were so expensive! I wanted to get a spare pair to keep in my car, because I have a tonne of legitimate reasons why I have never worn my current keep-in-the-car-spare-pair that needs to be thrown out.

5. Today's training was probably the least intense training I've had. Am I slacking off or am I becoming stronger that I don't feel as tired as quickly anymore?

6. I am inclined to think that broccoli is my miracle food. I had broccoli for lunch 4 out of 7 days (and ate nonsense for all my other meals) last week and my trainer asked me if I had lost weight. This week, I couldn't get any broccoli and my trainer asked me if I gained weight.

7. I think I'll go back to microwaving eggs - they're so simple to prepare! There's literally no preparation!

8. My latest favourite stance is headstand without wall support. There's something liberating about being upside down. And being strong enough to balance my own weight. And to know that I'm in control enough to not fall backwards.

9. The weather has been really quite bipolar lately. Please don't rain while I go for my lunch date tomorrow. But don't be too hot either because either way, I don't want to go back to the office drenched.

10. I am reeeeeeally itching to go shopping. As you can probably already tell. But, must. resist. temptation. Especially since my spending capability is limited at this moment. For my birthday, I have a request. Please don't surprise me with gifts. Just bring me shopping, and foot the bill.

Can? x

Saturday, April 18

We Light Up The World

Firestone - Kygo feat Conrad

So much awesome in this. I saved it in my songs list when I heard it on Spotify, but it really become that much more awesome when it was playing while I was running earlier. My new workout tune.

Just as I was typing this, I realized my finger was bleeding from a pretty deep cut. It hadn't hurt at all, but now I wanna cry. I've applied some leftover minyak gamat from my last stitch incident. Let's hope it seals on its own.

And while we're at that, I do have a peculiar love for buying plasters. Haha!

I think I'm on a runner's high. My legs are gonna hate me tomorrow though.

Friday, April 17

They Say, You Fake It Until You Make It

I've always taken that advice with a pinch of salt. I believe it when it comes to, "Even if you are having a bad day, just keep smiling, and your brains will conspire with all the Earth to make you feel happier". I don't believe it when it comes to things like, "You dislike eating papayas but you eat them anyway until one day, you'll love papayas."

You get what I mean right?

Are You Mentally Strong or Just Acting Tough? I glimpsed through this article late last night after my climbing session, and it made me re-think how I approach the above all together.

  1. Tough people believe failure is never an option. 
  2. Self-portrayals of toughness mask insecurities. 
  3. Tough people say, “I can do anything.” 
  4. Acting tough involves pride. 
  5. Tough people suppress emotions. 
  6. Tough people thrive on power. 
  7. Acting tough is about tolerating pain. 
Please go read the full article by Psychology Today for better understanding.

A good friend of mine was telling me how it's funny that I, the Psychology graduate keeps reading these things when I should already know all of it. Which is a true statement on all counts. But I guess it's one of those things where, knowing it and actually knowing it, are two completely different things.

A couple of people have been asking me, "What is it that has gotten to me that I am so gungho about working out suddenly?" And my responses have been constant, "I want to be become stronger" or "I want to become a fitter version of myself, no excuses no more".

It just occurred to me that what I am doing, is acting tough (albeit through real action and working my body to its core) in hopes that I will eventually become mentally stronger.

And in between all that, cracks appear and in as much as it frustrates me, my tough exterior breaks down to show signs of mental weakness.

So, you don't fake it until you make it. You just make it.

The thing about sailing is that the community is so small that once there's an event, 50% of your friends will be there. And it sucks to not be there with them all. But if that's a decision I made, I just got to suck it up and like their posts on social media without feeling like I'm being left out. Ha!

I'm training my mental strength! x

Tuesday, April 14

Addicted To A Memory

Addicted To A Memory - Zedd feat Bahari

1. While I absolutely love hearing "You've lose weight ah?", it's the most dangerous thing to hear because then I go bonkers with my meal intake.

2. I am quite sad because my detox tea was invaded by some tea leaf eating bug. To think that the container was labelled as airtight. =(

3. I'm not sure if I actually like the song above. It's a 50-50.

4. The truth is hard. But I am grateful to have friends who will call me out when I am being childish.

        Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
         How Weird Are You?
5. Only 50% weird.

6. I've realized that my favourite genre of music would be Acoustic.

7. I wonder if Spotify is making my computer lag?

8. A cheap(er) version of the neoprint bikini set! I've been wanting to get myself a pair ever since I learnt about Triangl - but they are so amazingly expensive.

9. Alas, I don't have that beach bod yet. And even if I did, I'd likely spend the money getting more workout attire. Higher utilization, and higher returns too.

10. Dinner was absolutely amazing; I couldn't find broccoli and decent sized purple sweet potato in TMC; I managed to get milk though; need to think about how I'm gonna pack my lunch tomorrow; and I can't seem to do the 'eat something light before you workout' because I just feel like throwing up every single time.

I had to squeeze in multiple sentences in that last one because I was not done yet and 10 is a good number to end on! x

P/s: Rain always makes me think of you.

Sunday, April 12

Wired Weirdly | Weirdly Wired

My colleagues at my new workplace think I am weird. And my ex-colleagues think it's a correct description.


Now that I think about it, maybe I really am a weird cookie. Just a little! But I am pretty confident they are thinking in terms of a more endearing kinda weird, which makes me somewhat adorable? I hope. LOL

But I wanna be a tough cookie instead. /hee

Why Is My Computer So Slowww

When I am extremely tired, I don't write, because I'm just too tired to. When I am moderately tired, that's when the problem comes. Thinking, followed by more thinking, and then it doesn't end.

I had planned to go for a run earlier, but it poured right after I got home and changed into my sports wear. There's still some daylight now that the rain's over. But I'm lazy now.

A part of me is pleased for not buying the items I really liked from Sports Direct earlier. But another part of me keeps thinking about it.

I've been craving sweets all day today. Had some icecream just now, but perhaps because they've been in the freezer for so long, wasn't yummy. Expired icecream if I may.

Boiled orange sweet potato. It really isn't as yummy as the purple ones. Need to go stock up on broccoli and milk, someone helped finish my 2L milk carton which was only bought yesterday - it's a first this household finished milk so quickly!

And because orange sweet potato wasn't very sweet, I made myself a 3-in-1 Nescafe. And I did exercise a little in the confines of my room. But I also did fall asleep on my mat mid way through. Hahaha!

Spotify Premium woooooot yeah!

P/s: Highly doubt that run will take place.

Saturday, April 11

Midnight Forest

1. That's the color of my nails. It's a glittery dark green almost black. Love the color. Too bad it's an old bottle and the polish has thickened.

2. A cup of hot chocolate would be absolutely lovely about now.

3. I have so much to to read, and I mean, actual materials, but all I wanna read is Dramabeans.

4. Why is it that everytime I use the boiler, there's ants.

5. I really don't like ants.

6. I discovered I still have a bottle of DIY bubble hair dye. Should I? Nah. Too lazy.

7. I tidied up my closet today, and if I ever say I don't have clothes to wear, I deserve to be smacked.

8. Same goes to bags.

9. And shoes.

10. Out of the 21 items on my to do, I'm left with one - filing taxes. Which I'll probably do tomorrow.

Have a nice sleep in Saturday as the rain pours outside. x