Sunday, November 15

Show Me How To Dance

Set Me on Fire - Bella Ferraro

Fly me on a jetplane,
Take me to the moon,
Wherever you go,
I’ll follow.

Spotify found!

Saturday, November 14

That Eye Smile

I want a mini Kim Yeol for Christmas!

Jokes aside, where do I even start. There's so much to do, so much to tidy, things to ponder and plan, here and there..

I just wanna crawl back into bed wear a huge fluffy cuddly baby pink sweater and have a hot chocolate on a nice cushy couch with white pillows, in a nicely heated room in a cold and snowy place.

Is that too much to ask for? Lol. Maybe.

Then I just want a Kim Yeol.

Tuesday, November 10

Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar - VIXX LR

Spotify has to be one of the many good things that has happened to me. =)

My tummy has been weird for a couple of days now. I hope it's not a stomach bug.

Gotta start clearing the items on my to do. Ta!

Monday, October 26

Feeling Like A Success; And Then Not So Much

I had been a real good girl two weeks back, adhering to a strict apple and carrot juice only diet for 3 straight days and then training for a 5km run simultaneously.

Having completed 5km's in 40 mins. Some friends observed that I looked leaner. And I definitely felt lighter myself.

Perfect - One Direction

Two weeks forward, and all the effort has resulted to nothing. In fact, I probably regressed.

Today itself - Two chicken floss buns and a hard boiled egg with coffee for breakfast, garlic naan and kopi ice for lunch, processed fruit juice and a chunk of milk chocolate for snacks, McD french fries for further snacking, and green curry maggi noodles for dinner.

Going to bed a fatty. With a pimple on my butt cheek. -__-

Imma wake early and go run. #finishstrong

Friday, October 23

One Two, On Your Marks, Get Set Go

Has been a while since I last had leftover chalk stains on my fingernails. Feels good!

I've got a presentation to prep for. And nooo, it already way past bedtime.

I can't get enough of the triplets on youtube. And Daehanie now wears glasses, poor thing at such a young age but he's totally adorbs! /squeal

Also fan-girling over Sassy Go Go. Love love Jung Eun Ji in her roles. Sassy, is the word. Doesn't hurt one bit at all that her co-star is the cutest thing ever. Let me correct that, her co-stars are the cutest things ever.

I told a white lie today. I'm sorry.

I recently learnt that Lucky Laundrette in Lucky Gardens charges a minimum of RM9, although they'll tell you that 1kg worth of dirty laundry is RM3.50. So, if you do the Math, you should just ensure that you've got at least 3kg's worth of smelly clothing before you bring them over for wash.

I'm back to being in my perpetually hungry state. I wish my stomach would just digest all the excess fats it has stored for a rainy day. Because we don't have rainy days, we only have hazy ones.

I'm funny! Goodnight world! x

Thursday, October 8

Live, Life, Love

Today will go down in history as one of my most significant days in my life.

Let me tell you why.

Today, I have been reassured that I'm blessed in life with not just good people, but with people whom I care about deeply and who care about me just as much.

It is for a reason as simple as that. /love

Wednesday, October 7

I'm In Love

I - Taeyeon feat Verbal Jint

With this tune.

Aesthetic value alone I'd give it a 10/10. The music video is gorrrrrgeous, but there's something about the song itself that sounds beautiful to me too. And I've always liked Taeyeon as an artist.

The only gripe I have about this whole scenario is, How can anyone have such perfect skin!

I'm torn about waking up early to try and make it for a group session before work tomorrow at this new gym nearby my workplace. Maybe I should put in the effort. Hm.

And I've got quite a bit going on in my head so I hope I'll be able to iron some of the things out and get some decent shut eye tonight.

Happy midweek peeps! x

Monday, October 5

Quarter Life Crisis

My acne problem seems to really be spiralling out of control. I still don't think it's stress related, though I somewhat wish it is, cause that'll mean I've been working really hard, yes?

I've been cleansing, double cleansing in fact, every night, and even started washing in the mornings. Stopped touching my face with my hands, drinking more water than I'm used to and eating quite clean, frankly. I've also stopped working out rigorously, and quit taking protein.

Dear Lord, I know it's really superficial of me to be praying and asking for clear skin, but if you'd will my skin to be decent again, I would be very grateful. And should, as Ivy has said, it be Your will for me to learn my lesson to appreciate and utilise my other strengths in life, then help me to get over and deal with the growing problem. Amen.

On that note, I've also got coral scratches from my recent dive trip that have turned into itchy red patches. And some skin abrasion on my arms from doing bridge exercises the other day. Both injuries are more irritating than pain, and if you'd be so kind to also help me pray for healing on these, I'd appreciate it too.

Maybe. I should just stop stressing about my acne and it'll all go away.

Hahaha. Goodnight peeps! xx