Monday, December 4


What I like about laundry days:

  • The fresh smell of my laundry detergent
  • The knowledge that my clothes are now 99.9% cleaner than when they were sitting in my laundry basket
  • The way I neatly organise them from shorts to long, on the laundry bar makes me happy
  • When I flake dry the pieces of clothing before putting them on a hanger, it makes me feel that I am shaking off all the bad stress

What I don't like about laundry days:

And your landord disallows cooking for this exact reason. Just wait for it.

When your landlord fries fish in the kitchen(!!) and doesn't ask/tell you to collect your clothes so now all the above reasons become invalid.

I am super annoyed because my clothes smell worse than before I washed them.


Monday, October 23

I, Me, My, Mine

Someone brought up today that I always refer to things by exclaiming that "It's mine", "I....", "My...", which makes others think that I am trying to show off, or that I am being cocky - trying to set myself above others.

I thought about it, agreed with the assessment and rationalised that, "Yes, I shouldn't keep using I, Me, My, Mine's in my conversations, whether casually or professionally." After all, it's not (always) about me.

But another part of me knows that I make a lot of reference to myself because I have a strong sense of ownership towards the things I do, and that I can only represent myself and not others.

So, is it really that bad for me to keep sprouting I, Me, My, Mine's  as I go on with life?

I don't know. I am not sure anymore.

Saturday, October 21

Life Lessons

I had an interesting and insightful dinner with a good friend - good in this sense is to describe this friend of mine who really has a good and kind heart.

1. Have an "off switch" - Know when to switch off.

2. Remember your "angry cup" - Know when your angry cup is mid filled and walk away from the situation before your cup overflows.

3. Always admit (or at least reflect) on your own fault first. In other words, always be humble and don't allow your ego and emotions to get the better of you.

I find myself in the position of having to accommodate others, and I don't like it. But I guess that's what you do for family.

Reminder to self: Family before self.

Wednesday, October 4

Why Do I Listen To So Much KPop?

I've been listening to Eddy Kim's When The Night Falls all day long. And when I say all day long, I mean all day long.

In order to stop listening to them for awhile, I am going to share one from this other band that I adore because they are so cute and their songs are addictive!

B1A4 - Rollin

My mirror has a #rollin' hastag to remind myself to just roll with the flow in life sometimes. I'm so defensive that I make my own life more difficult than it needs to be.

As to why I listen to so much k-pop, I don't have an answer. Y'know, they say love is blind.

Tuesday, September 26

Flower Way

Sejeong - Flower Way

I love, love, love this song.

Also, there is this one drama that I am completely addicted to right now - Temperature of Love. 

Hook, line, sinker.

Tuesday, September 19

Miss You

[왕은 사랑한다 OST Part 8] 올리버 (Oliver) - 보고싶다 (Miss You)