Monday, April 4

Talk Love

Talk Love - K.will

Yes, I am crazy about the show. I am. I am not too sure what I'll do when it ends. :/ But no one better be dying Show, or you'll have a very very angry fan.

That aside. It's already April peeps!

Friday, March 18


KAHI(가희) _ It's ME (잇츠 미) (Feat. Dumbfoundead)

This is what I called Attitude.

Feeling a little under the weather. Boo.

Thursday, March 17

Peeved Definition



past tense: peeved; past participle: peeved

make (someone) rather annoyed; irritate.
"he was peeved at being excluded from the meeting"

Ran out of pretend-to-be-sweet juice.

Monday, March 14

Saturday, March 12

OH NO! How Now Brown Cow

I am barely halfway through March and I've already exceeded the amount I spent on food as compared to the amount I spent the ENTIRE month of February!


Wednesday, March 9


I had this conversation today that briefly touched on "pretending to be happy". And the general consensus was that you're better of just being sad than pretending to be happy.

Am a little too old and too tired for games. Maybe I shouldn't have tried so hard to come across as the happy, chirpy kind. Turning it down a notch wouldn't have been a bad idea either. Just a little too late for that now.

突然累了 - 林俊傑 JJ Lin

Truly just an emo tired kid. Signing off for the day! Ta.

Sunday, March 6

Singapore Log

I've been pretty discouraged the past few days, maybe the past week altogether. And I probably didn't realise it sooner because I am surrounded by a good bunch of people - I've made new friends, caught up with old friends, learnt new things, received help from various people and yet, I am still feeling this weird nonsensical feeling that nothing seems right.

Weird huh?

Over the past 2 consecutive nights, I dreamt:
(1) that I changed jobs
(2) that my landlady came to me to say, "You spend so long in the shower, our water bill has risen."


I've still failed to wake up on Sunday's to go to church on days that I actually can afford to go to church before work starts in the afternoon, just too tired, too lazy.

Maybe I am not prioritising well. I guess not.

I'm gonna have my breakfast, work some, think some (just some), ad hopefully get my act together so that this coming week will be a better one, in all the possible ways.

Have a great week ahead you all! x

Friday, March 4

Head Pain

My head hurts. Like there's worms crawling inside. -__-

I'm trying to not let it bother me. Because surprisingly, I actually have a lot of work to clear, despite how free my schedule looks. And if I allow myself to slack, the work is only gonna become a massive never ending pile.

I've got a lot of questions I don't have/can't find answers to. And maybe that's why this headache has been persistently present.

Will I go deaf if I constantly use my earphones - in the office, in my room, on public transport?

At least I have our Jeju trip in July to look forward to! Woots Woots!