Monday, September 15

In Theory

Don't Crack Under Pressure - Tag Heuer

Uniqlo is fast becoming my favourite go to attire. I know I am a bit late, only now am I jumping onto their bandwagon but whatever. However, I do believe that you should always wait till they put out your favourites on sale before purchasing them.

For instance, I particularly like their ankle length leggings pants. Simply because the length is just right for me. Ha. The first time I bought it, it was the original price. Couple of days ago, I saw that it was on sales, and it was RM20 cheaper than when I bought my first pair.

And I guess Uniqlo's designs are so basic that they'll go with just about anything.

Think I'll watch re-runs of the Reply series tonight and tomorrow.

Reply 1997

Teehee. Adorbs. Much.

Sunday, September 14

Top 10

1. I finally got down to changing the batteries of my digital weighing scale, and I am back to being enemies with the machine.

2. Is it me, or do lense solution not come in travel friendly sizes. Most of them come in 120ml, but hello, handcarry limit is only 100ml!

3. I reckon I could do with keeping a calmer attitude when skippering. If I get panicked, so will my crew. And when my crew panics, I panic more. Vicious cycle which needs to end.

4. Also, I seriously need to start learning to steer in reverse. (-_-)

5. That's a curve ball you've just thrown at me my friend. What do I do now. Do I still look forward to the Raja Muda, or should I just drop those plans altogether?

6. I have the bad habit of... digging my ears (Sorry this information may be a bit gross). And I recently learnt that digging ones ears can lead to very severe infections, especially if your hands are not clean. And these infections can very easily lead to a loss of hearing. I am keeping my hands away from my ears, and for the most part of my face.

7. I have started this little project where I keep a shoebox in the corner of my room, and when I find an item that I hardly use (but is relatively new or has some value), I will put it into that shoebox. And come the end of every month, whatever that has remained in the shoebox will be donated.

8. This coming Friday will be my last official day at work. I'm part happy, part sad. But I guess that's the normal reaction one would have when leaving a good place, but stepping into a more exciting future perhaps.

9. My brows are a real mess. But I am reluctant to thread them because it'll just end up becoming too thin. And I need to get my fringe trimmed because this whole side parting business is making the balding line a tad too obvious for my liking.

10. Constipation problem? Drink Yakult. Works like magic. Seriously. No tummy twirls and cartwheels involved, and free of all that pain in between numerous toilet visits. At the end of the day, just a cleaner and healthier bowel, with one yummy little drink each day. P/s: Not paid to write this, but trust me on this one.

Have a great week ahead, and happy birthday in advance Malaysia!

Thursday, September 11

Something Needs To Change

I just am not sure what. And or how.

Anyways, have you noticed that I changed my font? It seems to have added aesthetic value, but I dunno, I am a little torn because I think it's not as reader-friendly as the previous font. What do you think? Drop me a comment if you will. =)

I felt like a real fatty today. Ugh. Them flabby tummy. And in the case you didn't know, though I think I've tried to inform all of you (plus [+] minus [-]), I had a bad fall 2 weekends ago and required 5 stitches on my right shin while my left shin was badly scraped. Hence, I've been living an absolutely sedentary life, which mostly explains the fatty build up. Ugh. Boo. Heh.

The stitches have since come off, and I am glad to announce that the wounds are healing fine. I'll live with the scars if they really are here to stay. Reminder of one's youthful days stupidity.

I probably should get back into my exercise regime soon because there is no way in heaven that I will be cutting out on icecream and (minimal) carbs - I'm gonna attempt to make avocado & cheese toasties tomorrow morning for breakfast! Wish me luck, think the recipe is simple enough, so the luck is more for waking up early enough to prep. Teehee.

And how cool are these Cool Kids! Best with earphones on.

Cool Kids - Echosmith

I'm shedding skin once more. Lotion lotion potion please work please pretty. Neck is achy too, get well soon Neck. Should probably work on my to do list, I spy with my no-so-little eyes plenty of things that needs to get done.

I hope the week has been kind to all of you, Friday tomorrow! TGIF in advance! xx

P/s: If I hadn't told you about my fall, it's not because you're not as important, it's really just that I haven't seen you in person for awhile and I don't want you to worry unnecessarily! /love

Sunday, September 7


With All I Am - Hillsongs

Many things in life, boils down to simple discipline. How we choose to spend our time, how we achieve success, how we treat others, how we behave.

Sunday is a day where I usually find myself reflecting on the past week, and thinking about what and how to welcome the next.

Have a great week ahead! xx

Saturday, September 6

Wednesday, September 3



        You enjoy variety and new challenges. You're always looking to shake things up a bit.
You are deeply emotional. You are a very soulful person, and at times you're downright fiery.

When you want to get your way, you're assertive and gusty. You are a good actor, even when you're not feeling brave.
You are easily excited and inspired. You are engaged with the world in many different ways.

Tuesday, September 2

My Latest (Unrealistic) Boy Crush

Baro (he's the one in red)

So cute. I've got hearts forming in my eyes literally.

No shame no shame. xx

Thursday, August 28


There's something called balance, just right. Too loud and it's noise, too soft and you can't hear. Peeved. Can't say you didn't see it coming. I would really like to know what are you thinking. 我喜欢自己的空间。 Do I even exist there? What happened to us? I miss you. There's no law saying I can't. I do. I must really like Bastille. Of the night. I do. I really do. 你就不能让我吗? Heck it. Hurts. Them legs. More than that. What's what. What's what. Mozzie RAWR stop biting me. 烦。I wish I were more in control of my own emotions.

Secret - 윤성기

Because we all have secrets.

Won't you teach me how to love and learn. Won't you?

Wednesday, August 27

Same Same But Different

Today, I am amazed at how people all turned out different, but yet are still the same. People who, are not who I thought they would be. That's why it's said, to never judge. People who ended up with each other despite all the odds. And are happy. And will be.

Growing Pain 2 - Cold Cherry

Love love love. How can you not.

When life throws you opportunities, but too many at a time, what do you do?

Tuesday, August 26

Slow Down

Let time catch up. Didn't think that was possible, or at least, it's always the opposite that rings true, that time flies and we must make every second count.

But in the midst of rushing, of hurrying and making everything count, maybe, just maybe, we allowed other important things to go by us without notice.

Rather Be - Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne

I wonder if that's possible. I wonder.

Mid week already, have a good one nonetheless. x

P/s: Petronas's advert for Merdeka is cute.