Thursday, October 8

Live, Life, Love

Today will go down in history as one of my most significant days in my life.

Let me tell you why.

Today, I have been reassured that I'm blessed in life with not just good people, but with people whom I care about deeply and who care about me just as much.

It is for a reason as simple as that. /love

Wednesday, October 7

I'm In Love

I - Taeyeon feat Verbal Jint

With this tune.

Aesthetic value alone I'd give it a 10/10. The music video is gorrrrrgeous, but there's something about the song itself that sounds beautiful to me too. And I've always liked Taeyeon as an artist.

The only gripe I have about this whole scenario is, How can anyone have such perfect skin!

I'm torn about waking up early to try and make it for a group session before work tomorrow at this new gym nearby my workplace. Maybe I should put in the effort. Hm.

And I've got quite a bit going on in my head so I hope I'll be able to iron some of the things out and get some decent shut eye tonight.

Happy midweek peeps! x

Monday, October 5

Quarter Life Crisis

My acne problem seems to really be spiralling out of control. I still don't think it's stress related, though I somewhat wish it is, cause that'll mean I've been working really hard, yes?

I've been cleansing, double cleansing in fact, every night, and even started washing in the mornings. Stopped touching my face with my hands, drinking more water than I'm used to and eating quite clean, frankly. I've also stopped working out rigorously, and quit taking protein.

Dear Lord, I know it's really superficial of me to be praying and asking for clear skin, but if you'd will my skin to be decent again, I would be very grateful. And should, as Ivy has said, it be Your will for me to learn my lesson to appreciate and utilise my other strengths in life, then help me to get over and deal with the growing problem. Amen.

On that note, I've also got coral scratches from my recent dive trip that have turned into itchy red patches. And some skin abrasion on my arms from doing bridge exercises the other day. Both injuries are more irritating than pain, and if you'd be so kind to also help me pray for healing on these, I'd appreciate it too.

Maybe. I should just stop stressing about my acne and it'll all go away.

Hahaha. Goodnight peeps! xx

Wednesday, September 30


According to,
Word Origin
noun, French.
1. the characteristic flavor and body of a wine.

Seve - Tez Cadey
  1. My new happy song - and I wanna shuffle like this too! #somuchwin
  2. Severe bout of acne. I am googling potential causes and..

    So scary!
  3. Please don't be either of the above. But there's has to be a cause - one which I can eliminate / handle / manage.
  4. Not entirely sure if it's insomnia or endorphins from my (simply) workout or whatever unknown matter that is keeping me awake.
  5. Really should just go roll in bed and try to get some shut eye.
Night night! x

Sunday, September 27

Diving @ Perhentian with Universal Divers

Hello peeps!

I'm back from 4 wonderful days (Wed - Sat) of diving with newfound confidence that I as long as I trust myself, I can do anything. Granted, with the correct support from the necessary people that is.

After all, that's why God puts so many different people in our lives. It's always for a reason.

I've got the awesome dive instructors and divemasters from Universal Divers, on Perhentian Besar - Charlotte, Ali, Farid, Niko, Gemma and all the helpful and sweet boat guys to thank for making me feel at home underwater and for being so patient with me. THANK YOU! :)

I successfully logged 8 dives in the 4 days, 2 dives each on Wed and Thurs, 3 dives on Fri and 1 early morning on Sat before leaving Perhentian by noon. That brings my total dive count to 12 so far!

Here are some on land photos of the bunch I was travelling with. No diving photos because I've not fully mastered the art of taking care of myself underwater, yet. Also, underwater photography gear costs a bomb!

After a whole night's drive from Kuala Lumpur to the jetty. I was mostly asleep in the car. 
I make a terrible passenger / stay awake driver companion.

All excited to finally be on our way to island "paradise", the haze found its way there too, but it's definitely much much worse back home!

The other two divers I was with who had to care for their expensive cameras (and me). 

Sunset view from Cocohut - where we stayed and dined at most of the time. 
I give them a 9/10 rating for overall experience; decently priced, clean, with hot showers, aircond and fan, and sufficiently comfy beds, make sure you pack an extra blanket if you tend to get chilly at night.

Mango Smoothie yummsss!

Our dinners were mostly extravagant. That's what vacations are for! :)

These meals were all at Cocohut's restaurant.

Trying out the selfie stick! I am tempted to get one..

Group photo!

Overall on my dive trip: Visibility underwater wasn't all that great, and the currents were strong. I still did manage to catch sightings of Nemo(s), a shark, nudibranchs, turtles, a tonne of fishes whose names I cannot remember. All in all, good training for a newbie diver like myself. We all learn through experience no?

I had a fantastic time thanks to the people I was traveling with, the people I encountered on the island and not to forget, thank you Lord for helping me recover in time for my dives, and for keeping all of us safe throughout the trip.

Can't wait for my next dive trip!

Monday, September 21

It's A Pattern

When it's time to go on vacation, my body breaks down. Dive trip is due tomorrow, and I woke up with a sore throat this morning. And it doesn't seem to be getting any less sore.

I am really trying to resist eating an icecream now. Sweet tooth go away.

Today, it poured like madness. As I stared out the window and wondered if I liked rain. And then I concluded that I like it sometimes, and not so much at other times.

November - Gabrielle Aplin

I know it's not November yet, but rain makes me think of this song.

My eternal dilemma is in not knowing what I want. And when I think I know I want something, it's usually not that good for me. Like how I know I need to go pack my bags. But a big part of me wants to eat an icecream.

My throat hurts. And limbs hurt (from gym and climbing over the weekend). And my eyes are tired from staring at the computer for ridiculously long hours today.

I just really wanna whine. Which in this case, I know is not good for me.

Doggie has to go for an operation tomorrow. It seems that he has some blockage in his urinary tract. I am either heartless, or I've mastered the art of detachment so well that it is barely affecting me.

Once, a very good friend of mine, I can trust her to be honest with me (or so I like to think). She's completely blunt when it comes to serving you hard truths, she said something to me which stuck until this day - You're just tough on the exterior but inside, you're weak.

Of course, I did not enjoy hearing it. At all.

But she may just have scored a goal there.

Bye and goodnight now.

P/s: Please pray for Doggie's operation, And for my safe journey to the islands for my dives, and for Doggie and my speedy recovery. Thanks! xx

Sunday, September 20

Where Do I Stand?

  1. My wisdom tooth is aching.
  2. My acne is still bad, but I think it's slightly more under control now.
  3. My trainer is leaving, which leaves me to train under a new coach.
  4. I need to force fed myself with water, and more water.
  5. I need to pack my dive bag, except that it's not so much of a dive bag since, I've got no gear at all.
  6. Sometimes, I wonder to myself, where would I be if things in my life were a little different from what they are?
  7. I have a loooooong night to go, if I plan on presenting something concrete in InDesign by tomorrow.
  8. Today, while sending my grandpa to his church, I ate a salmon bento (for breakfast). And by the time I reached my church, I had successfully finished the whole bento.
  9. Went climbing on Saturday, jelly arms. But good fun!
  10. Doggie is still not well; appreciate all your prayers.

Thursday, September 17


According to,
1. the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet (E, ε).
2. the consonant sound represented by this letter.
3. Mathematics. an arbitrarily small quantity, used to indicate that a given quantity is small, or close to zero.
Epsilon - Kygo

1. When I start talking, I talk a lot. And when I do talk a lot, it's because I am comfortable around you. Or, in retrospect, it's also likely because I can't stand awkward silence.

Besides, what's the point if we all sit around the table and each stare at our phones. I don't get it.

2. I gave myself a scare this morning..

3. I really, really really, really want to sail some. On a fast boat. Like on the TP52. With the usual awesome crew. And plane with the hugeass kite.

4. I should attempt to get some work done. But I suspect even if I turn my work laptop on, I won't accomplish very much.

5. I like talking about myself too much, every sentence above makes reference to I.

On to serious matters, my doggie seems to be a little sick, please pray for his fast recovery!

Good night world, sweetest dreams! xx