Wednesday, January 28

There Is Something

There is something about seeing fit girls on Insta on days I am fired up to do my workout, and it's another story when you see fit girls on Insta on days where you are just too tired.

There's something about eating your breakfast in the peace and quiet of you own solitude, another story when people are around. Or when noise you are not used to is present.

There's something about being happy about a good day. But there's also such a thing as a tiring good day. I guess the combination of good and tiring still surpasses bad and tiring, which is way worse.

There's something about getting upset at things you are in control, but another when it's about something beyond your control.

There's something about sunshine. And that seems to be missing now. Given it's night.

My happy song.

Outside - Ellie Goulding feat Calvin Harris

Also my workout song. Which I am missing today. And tomorrow, and the day after. And I was so good the past 3 days.

And happy birthday in advance!


Thursday, January 22

Knowledge Is Power

Dear Uniqlo,

Would you be so kind as to sponsor me my wardrobe? I will very willingly wear your outfits 24/7 - to work, to workout, to sleep, and pretty much everything else in between too.

Please kindly consider. I am a pretty face after all.

Ai Li


Had a blast at work today, I have newfound admiration for the bosses I am employed by, and for the colleagues I have. They are so good at what they do, I very rarely say this, but it was hard for me to keep up. I'm low on batt now, but it was so good.

My face is pimple-fied (boo!), still a pretty face no less, just very irritating.

When I started this year, I was ready to bid goodbye to sailing. Pretty much. I was aware that with a new career - time, effort, commitments and priorities would shift. I was ready to give it up for awhile, at least until I was more settled in my new job, but I guess, things always work out somehow. Thank you God! =)

I do need to build some muscles though. And fast.

My favourite 3in1 is Chek Hup's Ipoh White Coffee (Original) with rock sugar.
My favourite diffuser choice is Tilley's Magnolia and Green Tea.
My favourite activity to do in Czip Lee is to buy stationery that I don't have to pay for myself.
My favourite thing to do is having a good meal with friends you know you can count on no matter what.

P/s: When all of them gets married and have their own families, I am in deep shit trouble.

And I am two days behind my daily Bible. And if I miss tonight, it'll be three. Can't afford that, so I'm gonna go now..

Have a great Friday eve, and an even awesomer Friday tomorrow! x

Saturday, January 17

A Dream Come True

Most of my close friends will know that one of my lifelong dream is to put on a wedding gown..

And today, that dream came true!! Whee!! =)

Ha. Don't jump the gun though, I'm not getting married. Not anytime soon, at least. The story is, one of my bestest friend is getting married and I am very honored to be amongst her bridesmaids troupe and today we went for her bridal fitting as part of our 'duty'.

And because they knew that I've always wanted to try on a wedding gown myself, they got me to try on a couple of dresses after too. /cry

Such supportive friends. Where to find. I love you all. Really.

So today, one of my dreams came true. And I believe that as I go on in life, more dreams are bound to come true.

It's all just a matter of time. x

Friday, January 16

Some Gummy Loving Tonight

Nowhere To Go - Gummy

Thursday, January 15

What Makes You Happy?

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Marilyn Monroe

So I don't exactly know what has gotten into me but I am in fairly high spirits this evening. I think it's just that all the little little things are coming together, or at least that I think I've done all the little little things that I can, or that I am going to have some ice cream for supper.


My meal plan (though it wasn't quite planned) turned out to be pretty healthy, by my standards. Here's what I had:

For breakfast - Bacon streaks with an egg omelette with fresh veggies. Eaten ala-Korean BBQ style, wrap the bacon and egg in the veggie.

For lunch - I stayed in the office today (a first), and had the buns I brought from home which were purchased by the mommy the night before. Otak-otak cheese bun was damn yums! And I had a 3-in-1 coffee to wash it all down.

For dinner - I made myself a random concoction of tomato sardine (it's from the can) with boiled veggie (because I am too lazy to chew). I fried the sardine with some salt and mixed my lightly boiled veggie with the dressing of the century that makes anything taste awesome - sesame dressing!

And as you already read, I am gonna treat my intestines to some vanilla ice cream in abit.

It is true that I blog more when I have more things to do. Maybe my writing inspiration comes from keeping busy after all - an oxymoron I am aware, but that seems to be the case for me at least.

And have I already posted this photo before? If yes, it's because I totally love it. And if no, well, it's here now because I do totally love it.

Gosh, so pretty this girl! #noshame

Alright, it's Friday tomorrow! (Ahhhhh, that totally explains the high spirits!) ;)

Tuesday, January 13

Some Cute For Mid Week

썸(Some) - 소유(SoYou) X 정기고(JunggiGo) feat. 긱스 릴보이 (Lil Boi of Geeks)

So cute!

I am thinking of starting a series on My Personal Favourites. I'll randomly post about what some of my favourites things are, for instance:

Favourite pajama combination is Uniqlo relaco 3/4 shorts + "gifted" Drake tee
Favourite fuss-free breakfast food is nutella and peanut butter spread on toast
Favourite non fuss-free breakfast is bacon and fresh veg on toast

For starters.

And, I just really like Baro.

Sunday, January 11

Brow Dilemma

Melted - Akdong Musician

So I spent a huge amount of time today thinking if I am a good person. And by my own standards, my conclusion was no, I'm not a good person. I've got a long way to. I'm highly selfish, judgemental and materialistic. I don't think of myself this badly on a daily basis, but today, that's just how it felt. And the one good thing would be that at least today, I am honest about it, ha!

And I envy others. All the time. And I keep grudges too. I do.

All the above I wish wasn't true, but the truth is, I am all the above. Dear Lord, help me be a better me. Amen.

2 things you (maybe) don't know about me. I have a total of 4 pairs of piercings. That's one. And two, I can spend an insane amount of time trying to match my studs - my last record standing in front of the mirror was a good hour and a half, just to decide which 4 pairs of stud should go in which sequence. Alas, I went back to my default. So much for trying.

Come to think about it. It always starts in Langkawi. And, I went for my threading today. And, I think she made one side of my brow thinner than the other. Why I don't realize these things when I am still at the shop is beyond me. >(

Cake and coffee, mushrooms and roti canai, catching up on my drama recaps and squee-ing like a little fangirl that I am, and some cleaning and tidying around the house is what a perfect weekend is like for me. I smell durian though. Ugh. And my top rightmost piercing could be infected from all the stud changes I've been making. I seriously cannot get over my brows.

How now brown cow brow brow?

Gotta go pack my backpack for tomorrow. Atta! 

Friday, January 9

Will You Be My Angel?

Angel - Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK & Bizzy

Awesome song. /love

I am glad it's Friday. It's been pretty much 3 months since I've been so grateful for a Friday. =)

In celebration, mom cooked us dinner, I am allowing myself an alcoholic beverage and I did my nails. This combination seems like a perfect recipe for a nice and simple Friday night. Maybe I'll make it into a habit.

That said, I really want to shop. But that'll have to wait. Till my paycheck is out end of the month. Will anyone sponsor me my gym membership?

And I'm mildly upset that I won't be sailing at the RLIR again. Meh. But I suppose I had come to terms with it at the start of 2015, it's just, a difficult pill to swallow nonetheless. I'll be okay.

I hope you're having a great Friday too! x